Water-based Technology

Water based finishes are environmentally friendly, not harmful to manufacturing staff and are safer in your home and for your family.    They are also well suited to a more natural look and feel on wood substrates.   For this reason, we offer customers the option of 100% Water-Based finishes for our wood coatings, sourced from leading European manufacturers.

Wood Processing

We are a vertically integrated factory, combining metal fabrication, wood fabrication, hardware manufacture, finishing and assembly, all in-house. 

Our wood plant is equipped with the latest CNC cutting, laminating, jointing, boring, sanding, edging, re-sawing and molding machines in addition to traditional woodworking machinery.     

In our 6 storey wood and finishing plant,  5 floors are dedicated to finishing and assembly allowing us to keep careful control over customer finishes and quality.

Metal Fabrication

We utilize state of the art robotic laser and mig welding,  combined with an extensive facility for metal fabrication including  laser cutting,  cnc bending,  swaging,  forming,  casting and machining.  We are able to manufacture virtually any furniture form or component.   

Specialized fittings or hardware can be custom manufactured to suit furniture requirements.  These are all made in-house at our own hardware plant.

Multi-layer Metal Finishing

Using a combination of powder coating and hand or spray applied liquid finishes,  we have developed an extensive library of finishes.  These can be perfectly matched between metal case-goods  and hardware. 

Hardware Manufacture

Our die casting and electroplating plant supports several hundred hardware styles and we can also make to specific customer designs or finishes.